Saturday, May 29, 2010

The End of a Soccer Season!

Today marked the end of our soccer season with Fun Fair and Positive Soccer. Really not recommended. They take the game to far. There is no competition and coaches don't have the right to make their own line up. Everyone has to play every position in every game. Really it became not so much fun for the kids that alway let the goal soccer when goalie. I do think kids should be able to learn and excel in what they are good at. I think it is important to learn all positions although they should not have to play in position during a game if they are not good at it. This is really not fun for the kids. They want to do what they are good at. Many of my kids wanted to learn all positions during practice although when it came to games they asked several times if they could play another position that they were good at. Anyways lesson learned and will won't be returning to the league. We need competition in our lives. Here are some great pics of our team.

Here is Blake at the goal box holding the game ball. All the kids loved taking their picture here.

Here are the 2003 team. We were the Dragons. They all played well and always gave their best. The team was coached by Rachel and Robert Grimsley. Last game of the season.

Tayla's picture holding the game ball at the goal. All the kids were really excited to do this.

We are the dolphins. This is our team of 2001 kids. This is the team photo from our last game. The Dolphins were coached by Rachel and Robert Grimsley. As you can see we only had 7 on our team. Most of them played their best every time we asked them to go on the field. I have no idea what the score was since we are not allowed to keep score.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Our Food Revolution

Alright, so I have been watching Jamie Oliver too much. Well some would say. While watching this I discovered that we have a problem in this world and it is food. We no longer eat to survive. We eat simply to eat. So since last week we have begun to make our own foods. We have made our own breads, and all our meals are from scratch. Some have told me that it is great but they don't have the time. So keep your eyes open because, I am going to post every night about the food we are eating. Hopefully. I will try... Please join our family to also learn how to safe our children from obesity and an early death.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New additions to Bryan's room.

Anchor for Bryan's room.

His porthole mirror.

A new shipwheel.

A race car room for Blake.

The foot of Blake's bed.

The view of the wall next to the bed.

Another view of the bed.

The view of the dresser we painted.

The desk we painted.


Blake's foot of the thed with his workbendch

A nightstand for all his tools.

Lightning Blake. (His nickname for Blake.)

The finish line.

Are you ready to race.

Tayla the rockstar!

The entry from Tayla's room to the bathroom.

The side where her dresser and desk.

The wall with the head of the bed.

We painted her bed too.

Antoher view of the dresser and entry to the bathroom.

Tayla loves butterflies and Guitars. So we had a time putting her room together. We finally finished it.

Tayla's new room.

Tayla's view of her new bedset and walls.

Corner of Tayla's room next her her desk.

Another view of Tayla's Bed.

The wall with her bookself and Tink pics.

Tayla's butterfly.